Monday, 29 March 2010

My Newest Painting - Fantail & Fob Watch

I picked my latest painting up from Jos's framing yesterday. Today it went on the courier to an Auckland Gallery who have lined up a prospective buyer. Strangely enough, while it was in the framers a real fantail flew in and spent a considerable amount of time flitting around the premises. According to Jos it perched on a chain the light hung from as if mimicking my painting. Hmmmm spooky!


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I need to find new ways to describe your work...but I think freakin fantastic covers this pretty good! Your rock, your paintings rock and someone will be very lucky to own this!

Mandy said...

Thanks again Lisa! This was my Mums Stepfathers watch and it belonged to his father before him. Its a lovely heirloom, a couple of links repaired with wire by Tom himself. My Mum remembers him weraing it while haymaking etc. I've heard wnoderful stories about him while growing up but unfortunately I never knew him.