Thursday, 17 June 2010

Whiskers & white eyebrows.

It seems to have been a week for fantails. I tried some close-ups today on a particularly obliging little individual.

One more day and I'm on holiday for 3 weeks. Yahoo!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sun setting over Whakatane River.

About 5 pm yesterday on the Whakatane River. A Shag dries his wings. They have to do this periodically as they have no waterproofing due to the fact they spend all their feeding time under the water chasing fish. A white-faced Heron is on alert.
It is watching an approaching Hawk.

I'm not sure a Hawk would attack a full-grown Heron but I do know that Herons really don't like hawks so this one was off!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday morning sometimes isn't so bad.

It was high tide at about eight this morning and the sunlight was golden on the river. It was reflected up into the cabbage tree grove where a fantail was hunting insects. Lots of light meant I could use a fast shutter speed = better pics.
And this bird, unlike the one in my yard yesterday, was spreading his little fan tail for me.

It looks like I have used a flash but it was all natural light. I liked the effect and may see if he's there again tomorrow. Probably be pissing down.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fantail Rainbow

Troy and I got back from town this afternoon and as I got out of the car I saw a fantail catching bugs in the backyard.

They're pretty damn quick so very hard to photograph at times. I ended up with lots of pics of empty perches!

As I was taking photos it started raining. A rainbow appeared and I hoped I could get a shot of the fantail in front of the rainbow.
And guess what...I was in luck!


When I got up this morning it was as if the world ended over the other side of our back yard fence. Everything else had dissolved into fog.
One cool effect of the fog was that all the spiderwebs were covered in dew drops.

I was surprised what a good job my new lens did at capturing the droplets.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Gulf

In the time I have been writing my blog I have only ever posted photos I have taken myself with the few exceptions that I've stolen from Troy. BUT these two images I flogged off the MSN site because they were in such contrast to the stuff I have been shooting lately. I'm not even going to comment, it is what it is!
What I will say is how much I love living in New Zealand. Its not perfect but most parts are paradise!

Ohiwa Harbour

I had a meeting this afternoon at a home on the Opotiki side of the Ohiwa Harbour. I left a bit early so I could have a wander around the Harbour. The weather was patchy and mighty chilly at times but it was lovely pottering about on the waters edge.
It became a bit overcast so this tree made a kind of spooky silhouette. It made a great perch for six kingfishers watching out for crabs.

As I left the meeting I just had to stop and snap this last shot. I couldn't resist it despite being a bit pushed for time. A different angle to view Whale Island from, it looks like a gumdrop. What a great spot that Ohiwa Harbour is. I must visit more often.

"Wednesday Morning...for want of a better title."

Yesterday morning was a cracker! A brilliant sunrise and a clear sky so I detoured from the way to my studio and ended up on the riverbank by the Yacht Club. Shame there were stuff all birds around. I enjoyed the scenery for a bit & before long a heron turned up & started chasing fish.
The calm conditions were excellent for some great reflections.

This bird walks on water!

NZ PURE?!! I don't think so.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

After the Rain

We Whakatane residents can safely say the drought is over. Over 90mm of rain in an hour will do that I guess. Wednesday night I went into town with Troy as he photographed the flooding. This is the Whakatane bridge the morning before the deluge - the calm before the storm so to speak.
I got to test drive my new purple gumboots. I discovered they are inneffective in water knee deep or higher.
When is a traffic island a traffic island? The bottom of McAlister Street about 11:30pm Wednesday night.
The morning after. No rain! This morning the river was still muddy but not too muddy that these caspian terns couldn't find a fish or two beneath the surface.

Lets hope the long weekend will be fine.