Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My new Camera!!!

Did I mention Troy bought me a new camera for my birthday (and he's just told me it counts for Christmas and the next ten birthdays too haha - news for him!) Admittedly there are a lot more settings on the new D40 so its taken a bit of getting used to but here are some of my latest pics.
This is a photo of a Spur-winged Plovers nest. The mother bird laid her eggs in the middle of the cow paddock next door. The pair successfully raised all three eggs to chicks although another pairs nest was not so lucky and was abandoned after the cows invaded the paddock and trampled the eggs. Such beautiful speckles don't you think? This photo is dedicated to Lisa at I know she is a fan of nests.Troy sent me a text one morning to say there was a seal in the river by the bridge. I shot down there without much hope that it would still be there. Standing on the bank I saw nothing but a couple of ducks and a piece of driftwood floating downstream but on closer inspection the driftwood turned out to be the seal! It was floating on its side holding its tail with a flipper. I spent about an hour photographing it as it cruised with the current and I was surprised to watch it swim to the rocky bank and pee like a dog onto the rocks before it floated back out into the current again! Whats with that!!! Marking its territory?? But what a cutie, such big eyes. It was a young seal, probably last years pup that was needing a rest after the recent heavy seas we've had. He was in good nick, Ive seen many in a lot worse condition so I'm sure he would have recovered well and buggered off back to sea after a day or two.
The last pic for tonights blog is of an Australasian Coot. I photographed this guy in Taupo on Fathers day. What a beautiful sunny sunday it was, we took a day trip with my Mum and Dad to Taupo and spent some time with Dads friends at a model Plane meet then had lunch at a cafe and wandered down to the lakefront where I shot this guy at the marina. I love the way he looks like he is floating in mid air. The water was crystal clear and simply stunning. Happy Fathers day Dad! Finally, today I finished my 11th and final painting for the exhibition opening this Friday. Am having tomorrow off to recover and get myself psyched for Friday night. Bring it on!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Exhibition at Harrisons Gallery.

Here's my first blog in a number of weeks now. My excuse? I've been too buggered! I have been painting hard out for the "Harrisons Gallery" exhibition which opens this Friday 25th. I'm half excited half terrified about it cause its going to be quite flash - a sponsored red carpet event with caterers and some nice wines and everything. (Will have to smuggle in my el Cheapo bottle of bubbly.) Anyway here are one or two of my favourite works. Am still painting my last one and should finish it tomorrow. Talk about cutting it fine!

I am going to take a couple of days off next week to recover so will write a few blogs to catch up on my NEW CAMERA!!!! Troy bought me a Canon D40 for my birthday and I have hardly had time to give it a good workout although I got some cool shots of a seal in the river, and a plovers nest, and some pukekos and lots of stuff......sorry it will have to wait til next time, my eyes feel like they are full of sand so I'm going to bed. Ciao!