Monday, 1 March 2010

100th post - a long time comin!

I haven't written a blog for two weeks now. I have been busy sorting out my new studio PLUS I have been waiting for something special to write about as this is my 100th post! Unfortunately it has been jinxed and the best shot I could come up with over the last two weeks has been that of a bloody seagull! GO FIGURE! So I thought I'd get number 100 out of the way and see what happens. I don't write a lot of posts, only when I have something I really want to share so the first 100 posts have taken me nearly two and a half years!

I got these two shots last Friday morning. Im including the two herons because they have featured the most on my blog. They are a couple and often perch together on the yachtclub railing to preen every morning. They are my favourite models and have become quite used to me aiming my lens in their direction.

Looking back to September 2007 to my very first photo I remember how excited I was to discover this colourful nudibranch (a type of seaslug) in a rockpool down in Te Kaha.
Interestingly enough I also took this photo (below) on the same day but the nudibranch took precedence! Shame on my defence, it is a blog about nature 'n stuff. Apologies to Willie. Both pretty easy on the eye, no disrespect intended.So thanks to all those who have read, followed and given feedback. I must admit I've been pleasantly surprised by the response as I really only started this to share my pics with my folks and my sister in Tauranga. Now I have followers in other countries! Who'da thought. : )


Susan Roux said...

I enjoy your photos. Congratulations on your 100 posts! I just started in mid-December and already have 80 posts... It won't be such an accomplishment for me. It happened too quickly...

Yours is like savoring.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Congrats on the first century!!! Here's to many more!

PS: Nothing wrong with seagulls:) lol