Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bills Dove - R.I.P.

After photographing the falcon eyeing up Bills doves yesterday I kept checking the norfollk pine today to see if he was back. Unfortunately he was a no -show however... Late this afternoon I peered over the back fence to see a white patch in the grass a little way along the stopbank. On closer inspection it turned out to be a scattering of white feathers! Dove feathers.
Oh Dear. This was bad on a number of levels. Firstly, that I had missed all the action. I'm not into blood and gore (despite what people may have thought after seeing my sculptures at the summer arts) but if you are a wildlife film-maker which would you prefer, filming a leopard relaxing in a tree or a leopard running down and catching a gazelle? Same principle. I want to capture the drama.
Secondly, I think Bill is getting a little low on doves and when he has none left there'll be nothing to attract the falcon. I'd better find out when his birthday is and buy him some more.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

ohh, poor bird! For a second there I though this post was going to be about the poor bird...silly me! Ofcourse it's about the missed action! I am sure they would have been great shots lol. I would be glad to have missed it though I am much to soft for that! Last night I saw a Doco about pig hunting and had to leave the room when the dogs got hold of the boar...the squealing was horrible! Blood and guts I'm ok with but I felt sorry for the pig! Yes, I am a wiss!

Mandy said...

Hi Lisa, Yeah sorry about that! If its any consolation the falcon hunts in such a way the dove would have died instantly unlike a pig being attacked by dogs. And the beautiful dove in my first photo wasn't the one that became falcon lunch last Thursday. Actually this one is still alive and well and living in Mount Maunganui! I just grabbed it out of my files to add interest to my post which would otherwise have just been a pic of a pile of feathers.