Thursday, 23 August 2007

Fantails and stuff

I knew I couldn't go straight to my studio this morning without going to the park again to look for the falcon! But when I got there I saw heaps of blackbirds on the grass and sparrows in the trees so I knew there were no falcons around. But I still couldn't go without my photo fix for the day so I got this pic of a fantail. I have literally hundreds of photos of fantails but it is surprisingly difficult to photograph them with their tails spread out. Thats why I like this shot. I am fascinated by how they fly, they are so agile and quick in the air.

Got more work done on the Huia painting. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't. Mostly I like it. Actually there are very few paintings I am ever satisfied with. And I haven't taken the perfect photo yet....but thats good or else I'd give up I guess. I wore a white T-shirt and a brown vest today. I spilled brown paint on my white T-shirt and white paint on my brown vest........go figure!

Went to Opotiki this afternoon to photograph Shellys art work for her exhibition opening on the 8th of next month. Wickedly cool art, very quirky and an awesome venue in the old plunket rooms/public toilets!

Going to Te Puke tomorrow to help set up the Opotiki stand at the Bay Arts exhibition. Will go on to Tauranga for the weekend....wonder what birds I can find there....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy,

Andrew from Wild-Card here. I was browsing some of your Fantail images and I was impressed with what I saw. Just as a brief background for you I am the designer for bird greeting cards. We have an existing series of NZ native bird cards (as seen on that we are keen to add to. One of the birds we are adding to our range is the Fantail. I am interested to know if you would be happy to sell limited printing rights to one of your photographs? In addition you would receive credit for the photo on the card itself. The image I am looking at is located on

How does this sound to you? Look forward to hearing from you soon.

On behalf of the Wild-Card team