Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Critters for Cages

Been playing around with my Birdcage sculptures lately (although technically they are "assemblages" more than sculptures.) My paintings I take seriously and put a lot of forethought into whereas the birdcages I am just totally having fun with.
At the moment I am working on the "captives" to go inside them, I feel a little like Victor Frankenstein creating creepy little monstors that take on a life of their own. I start with a concept and they just morph as I go, wings are added, limbs are modified or just lopped off and replaced with something else and slowly a deliciously macabre little creature evolves.
They are to be exhibited as part of the Whakatane Summer Arts Festival on during Anniversary Weekend in January. There goes my reputation as small children run screaming from the hall.......

This one is my favourite so far...yet to install the engine...obviously!


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Wow! Wow and Wow! You are such a multi-talented artist. Loving your steam punk bird espcially. Can't wait to see your finished pieces!

Debrina said...

Hello Mandy! Lisa from Lucky Dip put me onto you and I have to say how wonderful it is that she did! AND you're a fellow NZ'er! I love birds too (in fact, I love everything about our natural heritage). I also love mixed media, altered art, automata and almost anything else that is arty and cool and tickles my fancy, lol! Please do get in touch, I just love your art!!

Anonymous said...

oooh, i am so very much in love with your work! your steampunk bird is my favorite too but i adore all of them! i was one of the lucky recipients of lisa's email that shared your link and adore her for sending it. lovelovelove making "creepy" little assemblages too, and birds are one of my favorite things. unfortunately, in the US, you cannot buy/sell/mail bird parts other than bones and skulls. it's illegal to even have heads or wings i've heard, though i don't care. i'm getting my husband into taxidermy so i can have more parts to work with. i will definitely come back and check you out regularly. :)

your irises are utterly gorgeous too!

Mandy said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! Lisa - I can't wait to see my finished pieces either haha. No idea how they'll end up.
Debrina - great to hear from you, Thanks.
Alteredbits - Actually its illegal to trade native bird bits in NZ too!!! My defense is that I doubt anyone is going to BUY the finished pieces anyway ;) also the wings are from an introduced blackbird and the skull is from a gull which are a dime a dozen anywhere in NZ.