Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spring daffodils & battling blackbirds

After a week of awesome weather one starts to feel like spring is just around the corner. The appearance of daffodils and early cheer is proof. Driving to work early on in the week I noted a flush of bright yellow blooms in Warren Park on Eivers Rd. I was disgusted the next day to see almost every single flower plucked from its stalk & thrown to the ground. Which mindless bunch of Tossers was responsible I wondered? It doesn't bear dwelling on the mindset of those involved.
These Early Cheer were photographed in the Rose Gardens on Friday morning. I begin to get excited about Spring (its my favourite season) but I know its too good to be true this early, we are due for some wet weather between now and the finer days but I can handle that.

The Blackbirds are feeling the effects of the warmer weather, getting territorial over feeding rights in their worm hunting grounds. I have recently watched more than one blackbird locate a big fat juicy worm only to have it stolen by kingfishers, a rival that the Blackbirds don't bother to challenge. I wonder if worms actually taste good? Obviously I'm not about to test the theory but you would have to assume they taste good to the birds or they wouldn't eat them. I can say that they don't smell very good!

These two battled it out on the shores of the riverbank for a good minute or two!


Dad Burger said...

I too noticed the daffodils one day and then the carnage the next. So sad. I was going to blog about it but changed my mind. Glad you covered it :)

Mandy said...

Yeah, Sucks A! They wanted to turn the big Gum Tree stump at the end of the road into a carved sculpture but I think someone would probably just burn it.