Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Golden Fish

Here's one of my recent paintings for the September Exhibition entitled "The Golden Fish." I spent an hour or so photographing the big fat goldfish in Laser Photos on the Strand to use for reference. That was the easy part. Getting the waterlily flowers proved more difficult as it was the end of summer and most of the blooms had finished. One of Troys workmates has a fishpond with lilies so he let me loose on them. Unfortunately the flowers were all quite far from the bank so I had to roll up my pants and wade out into the warm murky stinky water.And something slimy wriggled around my feet! Actually the flowers I picked were yellow but I painted them purple to contrast nicely with the fish.

This is a painting about global warming and the effect its having on the planets water displacement. (Yeah, deep!) Theres a lot more thinking behind it and some issues about selective breeding but I won't bore you.

One of the photos I took actually came out really well. In fact the more I look at it the more I like it. Beats the painting even.....hmmph! :(

I was back in Laser the other day looking at the fish again. One is really REALLY fat, I mean huge puku, and he was having problems swimming down to the bottom of the tank. When he stopped swimming he would turn tummy up and float all the way back to the top then start the process all over again. But........then he farted and was back to normal.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Wow Mandy these really are amazing! Your fish the meaning behind it, your cat one below the, the photos and your skulls! I don't think it's morbid to appreciate skulls. When I was a kid I bought home a complete possum skeleton and another time a sheeps skull. Mum wasn't to happy though!

Mandy said...

Thanks Lisa, atually my own Mum and I have been known to fight over a skull found on the beach haha. In a good natured kind of way. But I remember as a kid bringing home a dog skull that didn't please her as it was still a little too fresh and stinky!