Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Frosty mornings and persimons

Another freezing morning and a beautiful sunny day to follow. Billy the wonder dog doesn't seem to care about frost beneath his paws on one of our morning walks. Last Saturday morning I gave him a bone straight from the freezer which he took out onto the frosty lawn to chew on. I wonder if dogs get ice-cream headaches? Just as well he has a thick fur coat.

One nice thing about winter are the persimons which are in season at the moment. Diced on cornflakes they are yum...... and a favourite winter food source for these waxeyes too. I photographed them in a friends garden recently.

On a visit to Sullivans lake last week I was enchanted with the number of fantails there. I stood in one spot on the lake edge and counted twelve! On a still day they flit surprisingly close as they feed on airborne bugs. One almost hit me in the head although I think if it had the fantail would have ended up with the worst headache. I was really pleased with this shot of a fantail in the flax as its quite difficult to photograph them with their tail spread. I can't help but be charmed by them, they are so tiny. I once owned a fantail skull - a most fragile little object but it was stolen and eaten by a mouse. I'm still bummed about that.


respecka said...

oh yeah yum persimums,

Mandy said...

Persimons, great on cornflakes with toasted almonds!