Thursday, 27 September 2007

RoseGardens Falcon R.I.P.

Had a rough day today. Felt like cutting an ear off....(its an artists thing) Put my paintbrush in my coffee more often than the water. And then worst of all I got home and heard from Rosemary Tully via email that our falcon had been found dead. That really hurt! He was so awesome, if only he had flown to Whale Island or something maybe he would have been ok......anyway...what can I say.

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Lynesma said...

Hi Mandy, Just got to looking at your report of the falcon's demise. Sorry to hear about that. I live in Gisborne city area,, and we sometimes see or more likely hear,one now and again. I have become interested in the Birding N.Z of late, and come accross your web page. I dabble in the artist world a bit and hope to see more of your work there. Take heart, Lynesma