Saturday, 1 September 2007

a thrush, a waxeye and a greenfinch

I've been leaving seed and fruit out for the birds over the last two weeks and today was the first day I've really had the opportunity to photograph some of the visitors to my feed stations. I probably need to set up a hide to photograph some of the more shy diners but I got some nice pics of the waxeyes. They love the fruit, kiwis in particular. I sat out in the back yard with a book and my camera and alternated between Harry Potter and snapping the waxeyes who became quite used to my presence. I would really like to get photos of the finches that are coming to eat the wildbird seed; greenfinches, chaffinches and yellowhammers. I'll need to set up a hide for them though.

I got this photo of a thrush in the park. Sometimes the worms get away but not often! A worm this size must make a good meal for a bird like this.

I saw my friend Barbara in town on Friday, it was her place where I photographed the white tui. She said it was a regular visitor for about two weeks but has gone now. Shame, I planned to go back and get some more photos but have just been too busy. Planning is going well for our "Birds Aplenty" exhibition in October. We have decided to donate a percentage of our sales to Rosemary Tully of Whakatane Bird Rescue. She does such a good job.

My falcon sighting I reported to "Wingspan" in Rotorua (the raptor centre) and they sent me a complimentery copy of their magazine. It was a wonderful read, I was really stoked! I must join, only $30 per year and that gives you free entry. All in all its been a quiet week though. I haven't been to my favourite spot on the river since whitebait season started...too crowded now!

Finally, a picture I took during lunch in the rosegardens on Friday. A greenfinch, a charming little bird that stopped in for a quick bath. The male has more colour than this hen but they are both lovely.

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