Saturday, 25 September 2010


Last Friday I visited a spot on the river a little further down than my usual post. There was a couple of shags fishing and after I sat down to observe a few more arrived. Two were Little Shags (with white on them) and three were Little Black Shags. The Little Black Shags arrived singly but teamed up to hunt as a group which was interesting to watch. The Little Shags were more independent and one quickly made himself known as the boss and privvy to the best spot on the rock, pushing the other birds off.
All the shags had to take a break now and then to dry their feathers holding their wings out to speed up the process. Breakfast was made up of some large blenny type fish or what we used to call cockabullies when I was a kid.

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Unknown said...

I really like your whitefaced heron on the go and your little pied shag looks like its casting spells.,Ive only just found your site,I'm mad keen on birds as well,Ive been known to go way past drowning my private parts esp for a reef heron.I look forward to watching your progress ,best of wishes boney whitefoot.