Sunday, 19 April 2009

Gothic Arch, Skink and Little Blue Penguins.

My painting "Gothic Arch" is currently being exhibited in Harrisons Gallery, 15th Ave Tauranga. This is part of my Requiem series and is a large painting on shaped hardboard.

The other day I was surprised to see a little skink on the floor of the carport. He ran under the back steps as I was taking some washing to the line. Later I quietly poked my head out the laundry door to see if he was back, without moving my eyes scanned the area I'd seen him and after a while I observed him observing ME from inside Troys sneaker! (Lousy taste in real estate.)

After re-locating the lame little blue penguin from the Whakatane river boat ramp, I though that would be the last I saw of penguins for a while. So I was surprised to see TWO more penguins fishing around the wharf by the information centre over Easter. One looked as if it had been injured or sick as it was missing patches of feathers but the other one looked in prime condition and has been there for the last two weeks. I have watched it catching fish from between the boats being launched, from between swimming children and dogs and from around the baits of fishermen! He appears healthy and quite happy with his new home so I'm going to let him be and make the most of the photo opportunity he is presenting me with. I expect he will move on sooner or later and head back to the open ocean but in the meantime he is providing the locals with some entertainment, myself included. I just love watching him zooming through the water just beneath the surface with such ease. Magic!

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Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Hi Mandy:) I havn't forgotten about you! Your Gothic Arch painting is breath taking I will have to go and see it in the 'real.' The sky and your birds are amazing. Great spotting with the skink too!