Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Moko at Ohope Beach

I joined whale and dolphin watch again today and this time Troy came too. We set off over the bar at about 2pm and headed to the West End of Ohope Beach as we'd heard Moko was hanging out there. Sure enough, we found him offshore surrounded by a group of Kayakers and surfers paddling on their boards.He had stolen a board off someone and was enjoying the game of chase with those trying to get the kids board back. They were enjoying the game as much as Moko. The crew of Blue Sky decided there were too many people around him for us to get in the water too so we were content to watch his antics from the boat.
He swam around with the board on his head or supported on a flipper or jumped up next to it sending it shooting off as he landed back down on it.
He took it close to the kayakers and let it go then when they tried to get it he would snatch it again from under their noses much to everyones amusement!
Just as we were leaving the surfboard was recovered and returned to its rightful owner. Moko needed a new plaything and decided our boat was just right. He played on the bow wave and surfed along the wake to the delight of the passengers.

The Blue Sky stopped at Otarawairere Bay and tied up to a buoy. We photographed him from the front deck then I put some flippers, mask and snorkel on and joined him. Up at the buoy Elise told me to pull myself down the anchor rope which I did and Moko exhibited the same behaviour as he had shown at Moutohora on Friday. He seems fascinated by the way we pull ourselves down and his nose was inches from my hands. I was struck by his constant dialogue, a high whistle made up of a series of clicks. Unfortunately the water visibility wasn't the best so I didn't get the underwater view I wanted but to be in the water with him and to see him that close was amazing. One of the guys on board was testing out his flippers and trying to see how fast he could go. Moko zoomed up behind him and burned him off, showing us up for the landlubbers that we all are. Soon it was time for us to head off to find a pod of common dolphin to swim with so we said goodbye to Moko and motored out to blue water.

The rest of our day was so exhillarating that its got me worn out! I have to go to Auckland tomorrow to take some paintings up for an exhibition and I'm too tired to finish this tonight. In a couple of days I'll write about our afternoon and share some wicked shots I got of the common dolphins that swim in our ocean. Til then....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Great pics once again Mandy, Just as well you didn't leave it until today!