Thursday, 14 January 2010

For dogs sake!

Day before yesterday I took my camera down the mudflats to see what birds were there. On arrival it was obvious there was going to be no bird photography to be done that day. The mudflats were inundated with dogs.

Two local ladies were excercising their dogs, and their friends dogs, and their neighbours dogs, and their friends neighbours dogs.... They said "You should have been here yesterday, we had fifteen dogs!"

Some were chasing sticks

Some were chasing a ball

And yes, this ones name was Hairy McLairy!

(They were all very well behaved too I might add. Good on ya dog whisperers.)


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Hairy Mclairy, too funny! Love the photo with the ball, that dogs expression is great.
When you get lemons...make lemonade as they say!

Unknown said...

Hi Mandy, what a small world!

I was just reading about Moko the dolphin coming to Whakatane, and followed a link to your blog. What do I happen to see but my friend Kelly's aunt Margaret and her dogs! The big black border collie is Kel's mum's dog 'Cindy'!

I absolutely love your photos and your Huia paintings we saw at the Molly Morpeth exhibition a while back.

I'm back in the states now, but I'll definitely be following your blog to keep my fond memories of Whakatane fresh!

Take care,
Rob Engberg

Mandy said...

Hi Rob, What a coincidence! I'm not even sure Margaret knows she is on my blog. Thanks for your comments. Cheers, Mandy