Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Birds Eye View

I know this blog is supposed to be about art and wildlife but now and then something special happens that I just have to share. Over the New Year period we had whole lot of family and friends come to stay so that our large back yard was turned into a camping ground. My sister and her hubby and kids plus friends the Inglis family came from Tauranga so along with my Mum and Dad we took them out to show them the tourist attractions in the area. After they did the maze made out of Maize in Otakiri we visited Julians Berry Farm for famous berry ice-creams and because Troy wanted to surprise my Dad with a helicopter flight. Well it turned out you needed two passengers to get the whole ten mins so before I knew it I also had a ticket! Now I'm not normally chicken...well actually I am when it comes to fast things with motors so I waited rather anxiously (wishing I could have a nervous pee!) for the helicopter to come back to pick us up. Before long we were strapped in and what a freaky feeling as we lifted off! But from then on it was very smooth and sedate and WHAT A VIEW! So check this out. These are pics of my home town. The Whakatane River, mudflats on the right where I photograph herons and such.
My Dad enjoying the view of the road to Kohi point and Otarawairere Bay.

The West End of beautiful Ohope Beach, Otarawairere Bay & the Whakatane Heads.

Whakatane West, Awatapu Lagoon, Landing Rd Bridge & Whakatane Board Mills.
By the end of the flight I wanted the pilot to fly really low so I could get a feel of how fast we were going but unfortunately aerobatics were forbidden but at least I had conquered my nerves. I can so reccomend this experience, the time up in the air is quite generous and the scenery is awesome. Thanks to Mark & Leeanne from Harbour City Helicopters for a brilliant day.


Anonymous said...

what gorgeous shots!! i personally would have we myself or just died all together. tiny planes and helicopters scare me half to death to to be honest. in fact, i almost got divorced on my honeymoon, on our one week anniversary, because i refused to fly around hawaii in a three-seater plane with my husband and it was part of a wedding gift from his parents.

your holiday sounds as if it was lovely!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Yay for you! What a great experience...and photos to show for it!

Mandy said...

Altered Bits - what a predicament! I bet that didn't go down so well with the new in-laws. You poor thing but I bet the rest of the holiday in Hawaii made up for it.
Yes my holiday was wonderful. The last of the visitors left this morning so back to work now trying to catch up!

Mandy said...

Lisa, yes just awesome. Such a stunning day and a great way to start the year. :)