Monday, 11 January 2010

just stuff

Troy and I photographed a wedding on Saturday up at Kohi Point. He does all the important stuff and I just hang around with my zoom lens to get candid shots. It was a hot day and the view was awesome as I waited for the bride to arrive. There were about fifty guests assembled when a little rabbit jumped out onto the lawn from the grassy verge. Of course I couldn't resist getting a shot or two.
Then I got distracted by a tui doing aerobatics to catch flying insects above the treeline. I combined four frames of the one bird taken within about three seconds to get this shot.

But I swear when the bride arrived I focused on the ceremony not tuis or rabbits. Speaking of rabbits, I was walking Billy the Wonder Dog tonight when he got the scent of a rabbit in the woodpile. He raced over to investigate and spooked the rabbit from its hiding place. It ran away from Bill and straight towards me running right between my legs! Meanwhile Billy had his nose amongst the logs thinking "I'm sure there's a rabbit around here somewhere!" Duh!!!! Those bunnies are SO safe.

But it was a lovely walk. I got this shot of a random orange cloud, the only one in the sky to colour up in the sunset. And finally the same cloud reflected in a cow trough.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

If a rabbit foot is good luck then having a whole rabbit (or should that be four rabbit feet?) at your wedding must be a good sign!

Clever Tui sequence photo, I never tire of Tui!

Mandy said...

HA HA I didn't think of that. Thanks Lisa!