Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wellington trip - Te Papa

No trip to our capital would be complete without a visit to Te Papa, our national museum. Here are some of my favourite photos. Above is a skull of our extinct Giant Eagle.
Turtle skeleton.

Wallaby & Zebra. Here's an interesting fact - a pair of zebra were imported into New Zealand by Sir George Grey on Kawau Island in 1870 with the intention of breeding the pair for release on the mainland. If the plan had succeeded we could have had Kaimanawa zebras instead of Kaimanawa horses. Freaky thought.

A Weka, notorious for stealing shiny and interesting objects.

Bone fish pendant. A very old and incredibly lovely Polynesian object.

Stuffed Kotuku. Strangely small when seen up close!
That was my top six pics judged on interestingness. Some wonderful art too but I couldn't photograph any of that.

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