Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Albatross Release Part 2

Yesterday we tried again to farewell Sally the Albatross from the Otarawairere hilltop. The light drizzle stopped moments before I got there and the conditions seemed quite good altho the wind was a bit light. A bit of a breeze always helps with lift-off. When liberated from her crate Sally waddled off towards the sea. She spread her wings and had a bit of a flap.
She did lots of preening to get her feathers in order. Then laid back and enjoyed the view. So after an hour back in the crate she went. Apparently Rosemary tried again today but I wasn't able to be there so I was sure she would fly. I was wrong so tomorrow at 9am we will try again.


T'zignz Treasury said...

Lol.. it sounds like Sally is perfectly happy with her life as it is, and is in no hurry to be leaving. Such a gorgeous big bird though! Fingers crossed she decides to head home tomorrow. :0)

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

That second to last image is stunning! I wonder what she's waiting for?