Monday, 9 August 2010

Come on spring!

Despite it being a dull grey morning I couldn't help visiting the river before getting to my studio this morning. I sat in the car and sulked as it started to drizzle. The river was like something out of Willy Wonkas factory - chocolate with floodwater. I was about to leave when a white-faced heron turned up so I waited a bit more. Suddenly an egret landed on the mudflat, a white beacon in a dull landscape. It was too far away, even with my 350mm lens and the light was dreary. It did a breif flyby of the yacht club before chasing the white-faced heron off over the river. Two miserable shots were all I gleaned from the visit. I gave up and headed off and ten minutes later the sun came out in all its spring gloriousness. Sigh! This daffodil glows with the promise of better weather around the corner. A tui visits our early flowering kowhai about a week ago. Roll on Spring!


T'zignz Treasury said...

LOVE the tui shot! I can never seem to get a decent shot of them. I haven't come across Egrets before... but hopefully will see more once we move up to Hamilton. Your white faced heron paintings are lovely too. :-)
Our lagoon has been an interesting spot lately.. lots of birds fighting over territory and mating. Can't wait for Spring to kick in fully either.. then hopefully there'll be lots of baby bird photos. ;-)

Mandy said...

Nice to hear from you T'zignz. I think egrets are pretty rare. I read that the few we get here migrate from Aussie over winter. Where is your lagoon?

T'zignz Treasury said...

In Hokowhitu, in Palmerston North. I go down there for hours with my 10yr old son who's into photography too, on a regular basis. So peaceful, and a HUGE variety of birdlife. :0)


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh, I have photo ENVY! Loving the Tui shot!