Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Blue Kereru

This is a painting I have just completed ready to send up to the "Next Door Gallery" in Birkenhead. It was painted from the photos I took of the roadkill Kereru. It was supposed to take a few days but I underestimated how time-consuming it would be getting all the colours blended correctly so it actually took weeks. I must mention the fact that it is actually illegal to keep parts of native birds or trade in any of their bodyparts under the CITES act, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. You can apply to D.O.C. for permission but any dead birds I photograph I bury afterwards or more often put out in the middle of the paddock for the local Harrier Hawks to find.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Cant wait to see it in the real. Thanks so much for your time & patience with the colours.
Jennifer @Next Door Gallery

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Every brush stroke was worth it Mandy. I can't believe how amazing that eye is. I like the composition too.