Sunday, 26 August 2007

pukekos and paraponters.

I found a great spot in Tauranga to photograph Pukeko today. Theres a walkway around the saltmarsh in Matua so the birds there are quite used to people and not at all shy. The pukeko is a species you really have to admire for their resilience & adaptability despite the fact they have some rather distasteful habits (such as biting the heads off young ducklings!) There was some lovely orange rushes growing in this murky pond, not sure the correct name for these plants but they make for some nice reflections.

Troy and I walked around Mt Maunganui this afternoon. I was looking out for little blue penguins, or seals as I saw one last time I was there not long ago. Troy started taking photos of the paraponters that launch themselves off the Mount summit into the updraft. I took a couple of pics but mainly just watched in awe. I envy birds and the way they can navigate through the air... but would I have the guts to throw myself off a mountain with a parachute on my back?......HELL NO! I'll leave it to the experts.

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