Tuesday, 21 August 2007


What a crap day! Put ANOTHER three metres of corrugated cardboard on my big Kotuku painting, half a roll of tape and sh*%#loads of string until finally it looked secure....can never be too careful with a $3,000 painting. Went to phone the courier and the conversation went like this....(A much shortened version!)
"I'd like to send a large package to Auckland please"
"Sure, do you have prepaid tickets on it?"
"We can't pick up unless it has pre-pay tickets on it. You'll have to buy them from the post office."
"Do you charge by weight or size?"
"We charge by weight."
"Well I have no idea what it weighs and I have no way to weigh it."
"You could always take it down to the depot and send it from there."
"OK, Thanks."
I hang up remembering that it doesn't fit in the car. Phone Troy....HELP ME?!!!
Troy calls in and carries my beloved Kotuku painting down the stairs for me and SOMEHOW squeezes it in the car for me. He follows me to the Mail Centre and we both wriggle and struggle to get it out. He leaves me to it, I ring the bell and wait for help. A lady arrives and when I tell her I need to send this to Auckland she says I have the wrong place and points to another warehouse about two hundred metres away. Perhaps she senses I'm about to lose it so grabs a large trolley and the two of us get my Kotuku painting down to the right warehouse. I tell the man I want to send it to Auckland and he says "Oh then you'll need some pre-paid tickets." Apparently they sell them down the Post Office. (No Shit!) "You'll need a seven dollar ticket and two excess tickets." (Whatever an excess ticket is!) I head off to the Post Office where there is a large queue. Up at the counter I ask for a seven dollar courier pre-paid ticket and two excess tickets. The lady says "We only have five or fifteen dollar tickets."
"So just sell me enough tickets to get a seven kilo package to Auckland please."
"But that will be forty dollars!" She looks disbelievingly at me.
"I really don't care HOW MUCH JUST GIVE ME THE TICKETS!!!!.............please."
I get back to the mail centre and realise she has given me a FIVE dollar courier ticket and two excess tickets. (Whatever an excess ticket is.) The man has gone but the lady says she will give him the tickets. I hope the five dollar ticket will get my bloody kotuku painting there! Oh, and not forgetting the two excess tickets,...(whatever the hell they are!)

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