Thursday, 10 February 2011

something fishy

I wanted a small fish to include in a painting I am planning so yesterday I thought I'd go catch myself a herring or more correctly named a yellow eyed mullet. I raided Dads tackle box for some tiny hooks, rummaged around in Mums freezer for a pilchard bait and climbed the back fence to the river. After only a couple of minutes I brought in a shiny silver fish, the perfect painting subject. I thought "Hell that was easy!" so I decided to keep trying for more. My friend Rosemary runs a bird rescue and is always wanting fish to feed herons, shags, penguins and the numerous seabirds she nurses back to health. So I filled a bucket with river water and popped the herring into it. The fish promptly leapt out again and landed with a splash back into the river!I had a sinking feeling that the next one was going to be more difficult to catch and sure enough 30 mins later I was still waiting for a bite. Finally I caught my second so without wasting time I took it back to the house to photograph. On my way back I passed my Dad who had decided to have a go too and before I had finished taking pictures he came back with a big fat kahawai!


Dad Burger said...

We used to always throw the first one caught back to Tangaroa to say thanks. Looks like that kind of happened without your input. Ha. Makes me want to fish again though.

Mandy said...

Ah yes, I've tried that but usually I don't catch a second when I give the first to Tangaroa.
When your boys are bigger you'll have no excuse NOT to go fishing. Nothing like sitting on the wharf untangling knotted lines, baiting up with stinky soft bonito and pulling those tiny hooks out of your thumbs, earlobes etc etc.