Monday, 21 February 2011

Content may disturb.

I spotted this black billed gull on Friday morning in a distressed state. I tried to catch it but it could still fly. I am pretty sure this bird has tried to eat some bait whilst the fisherman was still holding his fishing rod. Rather than risk a mild pecking the fisherman has taken the easy way out and simply cut his (or her) line. Because of this persons cowardly action the gull has been handed a long slow death sentence. I suspect it will have died by now. It was suffering a raging infection with the hook having pierced the side of its face and the barb protruding. Its really not pretty to look at but I have no hesitation about posting this image. Hopefully it will help prevent these all too common mishaps with fishing tackle. Nylon line on its own can do untold damage even without the hook.

After posting such a hideous pic I am adding the following photo of a welcome swallow cause I think its pretty cute. This is a favourite perch for this family of swallows and this time of year they are looking lovely with their orange faces.

And finally a pic to make you smile. Not exactly nature or art but I couldn't resist snapping it out the car window travelling through Rotorua a couple of weeks ago.


T'zignz Treasury said...

Oh my! That poor poor bird! Why do people have to be so lazy and cruel? What a horrible ending for the gull. :o(

LOVE the Welcome Swallow photo! They've rapidly become one of my favourite birds since getting into bird photography. I can watch them hunt for HOURS! Recently I got to watch 3 baby Welcome Swallows go from tiny bald chicks, to almost fledged, fat balls of feathers (didn't get a chance to get back to see them reach adult hood unfortunately!). Hope you don't mind me sharing... this is one of my favourite photos that I took of these sweet little birds:

Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing your photo Tezza, cute chicks! Amazing watching them build nests out of mud, awesome little birds.

Danish khan said...

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