Saturday, 31 July 2010


I guess before I post my latest photos I had better finish posting the rest of the shots of our Wellington trip. We had stayed with Jules and Carrie in Lower Hutt. Jules is a student at "The Learning Connection" Art school and she was in the middle of her holidays so she was our tour guide. Carrie is a tutor at the school but unfortunately she had to work. Next stop after the Weta Cave was the recycle centre shop. (thats what you get with an art student for a tour guide haha!) Actually it was great, Troy bought twenty hard-backed photography books for $15. We thought they were a set only to discover later they were all the same issue... bugger! But we have 19 presents sorted for next Christmas :) Next stop CARLUCCILAND! Imagine Walt Disneys welder son on acid opens a tourist park. No offence Mr Carlucci, it was wonderful. I guess it was because it was drizzling that we were the only ones there. The three of us and our tour guide Ms Blackchicken.Ms Blackchicken shows Jules what looks suspiciously like my last car, a toyota corolla but I don't remember it getting crushed by a rock....Troy checks out the minigolf course while I checked out the loo. Strangely enough the urge to pee was suddenly lessened by the thought of having to watch myself do it reflected in three surrounding walls. Eventually I went while studying the floor quite intently.

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