Saturday, 1 December 2007

Electric Pheasants & bunnies wearing birds.

On Friday when I left the studio for lunch I noticed a white faced heron atop the street light across the road. I think perhaps there may be a pair nesting at the waterfall about 50 metres away as I've seen them fly in. I must go and get a better look on Monday. Maybe this was a young one. It seemed very relaxed about me photographing him. When I got home last night we got a rainshower! Quite heavy but only lasted five minutes. I thought it may be enough to green up the lawn but to no avail.

This morning I spotted a ring-necked pheasant in the paddock beyond the orchard. (I can call the side paddock "the orchard" because it has an orange tree in it.) I grabbed my camera and snuck out for a look making sure Billy the kid didn't follow in an effort to suss out the local bunny family. I crawled over to the fence and waited til the pheasant came into view from behind a tree. When he did he saw me and stood with his neck stretched up trying to check me out. I froze. He didn't move. The sun got hot and I started getting cramp. Took a couple of photos. Finally he relaxed and started to move, pecking at stuff in the dry grass. I stretched up a little then WHAM! I felt like I'd been shot out of a cannon .........F#*N ELECTRIC FENCE!!!!!! I rolled around in the dust muttering unspeakable things while the pheasant did a great Roadrunner impression and Bill barked hysterically from in the yard. When my eyes adjusted and I started seeing one of everything again I decided I had better check my camera to make sure it hadn't been fried. I took this photo of a rabbit wearing a mynah bird for a hat??? maybe I hadn't really recovered from the shock as well as I thought I had.

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