Thursday, 29 November 2007

Billy the Wonder dog

Have found it hard painting lately as my studio has been getting SO hot in the afternoons. I had Wednesday off and painted at home but today was cooler so went in to the studio. The paddocks surrounding the house have become a golden yellow and are dry and crispy underfoot. And its still only November!
I put the sprinkler under the apricot tree on Sunday. We have lots of apricots on there but they're still green at the moment. It was so hot that Billy Blue the wonder dog cooled himself off by trying to catch the water in his mouth. Keeps him entertained for ages.
I take Bill into the paddock and throwing the frisbee for him every night, good excercise for him and good practise for me as I am so unco-ordinated and can't throw for nuts. The other night I got Troy to throw the frisbee while I took photos of him. Not really built for speed he can get a lot of air for such a hairy beast. Takes after me I think, stocky body, stumpy legs.....only he can run a lot faster.
If he's lucky he startles a rabbit (the rabbit is also lucky - lucky he's a slughound and not a whippet)and he chases it til it disapears through the hedge. Then he stands and barks as if he's trying to talk the rabbit into coming back.

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