Saturday, 4 September 2010

Starling scrap.

I've been a bit slow on the blogs lately - because someone has used our total monthly allowance of 20 gigabytes so I'm down to less than dial up speed til the end of the week. Exasperating! But the weather has been pretty crap so I haven't taken many photos anyway. I snapped these two fighting over the rights to inhabit a starling box at my Mums. Shame about the concrete wall backdrop. On the brighter side I had a photo published in the New Zealand Geographic - Yahoo! Unfortunately it was only 8.5 cms wide. Whoever said size doesn't matter wasn't meaning anything less than 7 inches.
Anyway, more posts coming when I get my broadband back.


Anonymous said...

Great shot Mandy, and I think the wall lends a lot to the shot, it is an urban battleground after all!
Cheers, Jos

Mandy said...

True! A concrete jungle in fact. Thanks for your comment :)