Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mackerel in Tomato sauce

I am just getting over a persistent head cold - amazing how much snot one person can produce over 24 hours! I find it hard to adjust to autumn/winter some years. During the month of May my body wants to go into hibernation so I find it hard to be motivated - hence my lack of postings over the last month. And hard to celebrate our natural world when 795,000 litres of oil spews into the gulf of Mexico every day. I lived in Florida for 3 years so I'm familiar with many species that are being affected. Enough of all that altho strangely it ties in with my latest painting in a way.
While creating this painting I was thinking of the oceans resources and competition for the worlds fisheries, the health of the oceans in general due to pollution etc etc. Lots of things to think about really .... I guess the meaning of the painting is only obvious to me. Everyone else can come up with their own interpretation. Or it could just be a painting of a kingfisher sitting on a tin of Pam's Mackerel in Tomato Sauce. BTW anyone actually eat the stuff????


Susan Roux said...

I think the black background you chose helps convey the deeper message here. No food for the kingfisher amidst all this black oil...

Message received. Hope you feel better. Its strange to think others are experiencing autumn/winter at this time of year.

Mandy said...

Thanks for your comment Susan. Yes I'm feeling better thanks. Winter definitely has some advantages, lovely light for photographing when the sun is out. Shorter days and colder temperatures take a little adjusting to tho. Fingers crossed the oil spill gets plugged soon.