Monday, 19 April 2010

A Bird in the Hand

I heard a thump against the lounge window on Saturday morning and Troy informed me a kingfisher had just killed itself by flying into the glass. I ran outside and sure enough, a fat blue kingfisher lay motionless on the grass. After picking it up I noticed small movements as its body twitched so I took it inside to find a cardboard box where I could create a quiet dark space for him. I was thinking I would come back later and find it dead but suddenly it righted itself in my hand. Outside Troy photographed him on my hand as he made a slow but steady recovery.
Finally I put him on a post and we left him to his own devices. Half an hour later I went back to check on him and he flew up into the wattle tree where he glared at me!After some research I came to the conclusion that he was just a young bird, about six weeks old. A happy ending luckily and some beautiful photos..... the perfect subject for my next painting!


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Stunning bird! The kingfisher colours are so beautiful and I am sure you will do it justice with your painting. Fantastic photos too...good thing between the 2 of you there's always a camera near by!

Joan said...

What great photography. The colours are beautiful.