Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Baby Coots

"As you sow, so shall you reap." Well so far the slugs have eaten my beans, the birds have eaten my basil seedlings and Billy the Wonder Dog has trampled half my spinach plants on his quest to save the universe from the threat of the common bumblebee. The silly dog launches himself into the air and snaps at any bumble bee flying past despite already having been stung once and having a reaction that swole one side of his face to twice the size. So I'll be lucky to reap half of what I've sown this spring, thank God for New World.
I visited Sullivans Lake in Kopeopeo today to check out the goings on among the local birdlife. The lake edge was teeming with resident cats ogling the ducklings and the huge population of dreaded Koi Carp waving their orange tails from amidst the lilypads. There were a number of Coot nests in varying stages of development. This ones eggs were getting wet, she was trying to build the nest up around them with reeds that her mate was bringing her.

I'm always intrugued by these coot (not cute) babies. How can something this zany grow up to look like the adult coot? The chicks look more like muppets that failed the audition. But its lovely to watch both parents take such care to feed them and fiercely guard them from any other birds that get too close. One little guy had already lost half a wing to a predator I noticed.


John M. Mora said...

Great stuff...came by way of Lisa...I am a long time New York birder - slowed down bty kids and mortgage.

We have Caspian terns in the USA.

Remarkablke plover nest pic.

Will come back. Regards.

Mandy said...

Thanks John. I lived in Florida for 3 years and LOVED the birdlife over there. Pelicans were awesome and I love bluejays and ospreys too. Thanks for your comments!