Monday, 13 July 2009

White Tui, Albino Slug

Its mid-July and I am SO over winter!!! Mind you I've had a yucky cold, not swine flu exactly but it feels like almost piglet status. I had an email yesterday that cheered me up tho. Firstly let me go back to my very first blog - August 12 2007. I had just photographed the most beautiful bird, a rare white tui in a friends garden in Opotiki. Not an albino but a melanistic mutation called leucism. We speculated from her size she was a female and she was feeding on the nectar of a row of flowering cherry trees among numerous other black tuis. The following year she returned to the same feeding spot although not with the same regularity so I wasn't able to get any more shots of her.
Back to yesterdays email from friends Mike and Meg, they photographed the white tui in their garden on the weekend. I was pleased to learn she is still alive and well, perhaps this coming cherry flowering season I'll be lucky enough to catch up with her again.

Here are Micks photos of her.

And just as interesting, Mike sent me photos of this AMAZING albino slug he found in the Ohiwa reserve in January. The usual form is brown with leafy vein-like patterns on its back.

It brings back memories of a pet slug I once had. His name was Tiger (he was a Tiger Slug, not very original I know!) I was living in a little three roomed house, actually a converted tractor shed, on the Waioeka straights. I kept somewhat nocturnal habits at the time and painted til about 3 or 4 in the morning. Tiger would come in under my door at about 11pm for his dinner - avocado, cottage cheese or salmon (unsalted) served in his little bowl which was really a coke bottle lid. I had some great photos of him that I lost when my old computer karked it. Unfortunately I almost lost him when he got too close to my computer chair and I accidentally backed over him one night. He survived but had a terrible limp after that. On a happier note he later turned up with his young fella, a baby tiger slug. Then I moved house and never saw him again. (TRUE STORY!)

I have to say thanks to all those who leave comments on my blog (wow people really read it!) but I have to apologise for not knowing how to reply. I'm technologically challenged which comes from overuse of the creative side of my brain, the other side has shrivelled and is of very little use at all. Perhaps someone can give me some pointers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy, I've just found a white slug in amongst the cabbages. I has a quick look on the internet to see if it was anything unusual but didn't find much on the white slug in NZ. My slug isn't as white as the one you have pictured, the back half is a little dark and I thought maybe it was a juvenile of one of the common brown slugs or something. Do you know anything about it at all or who I could call to ask about such things? If you have any info that would be great. I live in Westport. Thanks heaps Yvette